On March 2nd, Governor Abbott announced the lifting of the State’s mask mandate and increases capacity of all businesses and facilities in the State to 100%.  The Governor issued an executive order (GA-34), lifting the mask mandate and capacity restrictions, which went into effect on Wednesday, March 10th.

The executive order did state that, in areas where hospitalizations for COVID exceed 15%, county judges may institute restrictions, but may not reduce capacity below 50%, may not jail people for violating orders, and may not impose a penalty for failure to wear a face covering or to make customers or employees wear face coverings.

That last provision contained an important caveat, that a legally authorized official may act to enforce trespassing laws and remove visitors at the request of a business establishment or property owner.

As you’ve probably heard, the Governor’s action was praised in some quarters and decried in others.  As you will see, the County Judge of Bexar County and the Mayor of the City of San Antonio were not fans, and issued new orders on COVID measures.