Business Groups and City Attorney Agree to Stay Sick Leave Ordinance Until December 1st

On Wednesday, July 24th, State District Judge Sol Casseb III approved an agreement by business groups suing the City of San Antonio and the City Attorney’s Office to “stay” the implementation of the City’s sick leave ordinance until December 1st, and to “abate” the case until amendment of the ordinance or November 7th, whichever is earlier. The court-approved agreement capped a hectic days in which a different judge on Monday delayed approval of the agreement to Wednesday, the groups TOPS…

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Secretary of Labor Acosta Departs, To Be Replaced by Eugene Scalia

Last week, Secretary of Labor Alex Acosta, who had been under fire for agreeing to a plea deal with Jeffrey Epstein while a U.S. Attorney, resigned and left the Department of Labor, leaving Patrick Pizzella as the Acting Secretary of Labor.  The Trump Administration has named Eugene Scalia, a son of the late Supreme Court justice Antonin Scalia, as Alex Acosta’s successor, Eugene Scalia was once the Solicitor of Labor in the Labor Department, and, while in private law practice,…

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City of San Antonio Agrees to Postpone Sick Leave Ordinance

On Friday, July 19th, an assistant San Antonio city attorney announced that the City had agreed with the attorney representing groups suing the City over its sick leave ordinance to delay implementation of the ordinance until December 1, 2019, instead of the date of August 1st set out in the ordinance.  It is not clear if or how the City Council or the Mayor had input into the City’s agreement to delay the implementation of the ordinance, but the Express-News…

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Business Groups Sue to Stop San Antonio Sick Leave Ordinance

Today business groups led by the Associated Builders & Contractors of South Texas filed a lawsuit in state court to stop the “Earned Paid Sick Time” ordinance passed by the City Council of San Antonio on August 16, 2018.  The groups asked for a temporary injunction to halt the implementation of the ordinance on August 1st, and, according to the news articles, a hearing on the request for an injunction is set for July 24th. The City of Dallas followed San…

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