On Friday, July 19th, an assistant San Antonio city attorney announced that the City had agreed with the attorney representing groups suing the City over its sick leave ordinance to delay implementation of the ordinance until December 1, 2019, instead of the date of August 1st set out in the ordinance.  It is not clear if or how the City Council or the Mayor had input into the City’s agreement to delay the implementation of the ordinance, but the Express-News has reported that Friday night Mayor Nirenberg said he would continue to work towards the ordinance’s effective date of August 1st.

According to the Rivard Report and other media reports, the agreement must be approved by a judge, and groups in San Antonio like TOP and MOVE have sought to intervene in the suit to hold the City’s feet to the fire and continue to implement the ordinance.  To make matters more complicated, last week the Attorney General of Texas, Ken Paxton, announced he had intervened in the lawsuit to challenge the sick leave ordinance.

It is sure to be an interesting week for the ordinance….