At long last, on Thursday, February 16th a Senate committee is to start confirmation hearings on Andrew Puzder, President Trump’s nominee for Secretary of Labor.  Mr. Puzder lives in Tennessee, and was the CEO of CKE Restaurants, which owns Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr. chains.

Mr. Puzder is not known as a fan of increasing the minimum wage or of labor regulations affecting fast-food and other businesses.  Presumably much more about his views will come out in the hearings starting Thursday.

Mr. Puzder was nominated on December 8th, but hearings before the Committee on Health, Education, Labor & Pensions have been postponed at least four times.  The nomination is not a sure thing, as news has broken that Mr. Puzder and his wife have employed an undocumented worker, and up to four Republican Senators have not yet committed to voting for him.

Stay tuned on Thursday!